Jaguar Land Rover Richmond is your go-to destination for top-quality performance winter tires, offering an extensive selection from a variety of different brands. 
What sets us apart? Our commitment to providing you with the lowest price tires this season. 

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Jaguar Land Rover Richmond
Tire Advantage

Get all the benefits at the lowest price guaranteed, that's the Go Auto Tire Advantage

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Purchase and install four tires at one of Go Auto's 60+ locations and, at NO cost, receive:
  • Free flat repairs

  • Free road hazard repairs

  • 5% of your purchase back on your Go Card

  • Don't pay for 12 months  

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Tire Services

With Jaguar Land Rover Richmond


Tire balancing & wheel alignment

Improve the quality and longevity of your tires with proper balancing and alignment.


Tire rotation

Prolong the life of your tires by rotating your set every 10,000 km.


Tire repair & replacement

We can repair the vast majority of cuts, nails, holes, and flats. If we can't, we can replace them.


Tire inflation

Properly inflated tires last longer, increase mileage, and improve handling.

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